DIY Solar Pool Heater Review For My Intex Pool

DIY Solar Pool Heater Review For My Intex Pool

I have watched many videos on solar pool heaters. Here is my version. I am a regular dude just getting along in life. Not a scientist or numbers guru. Here is what I found. I used 50 feet of green garden hose, a 1/50th hp Dayton Pump that pumps about 300 gallons per hour that is, Chemical and Heat resistant. 200 feet of 1/2 inch black plastic hose a piece of plywood painted black and plastic tie wraps. In total I spent about $220 for the project. I get a consistant 4 Degree rise in temperature. So if the pool is 76 coming out at the bottom it is 80 degrees at the hose coming out. The initial hit out of the hose when I turn it on is over 120 Degrees F. So as the pool heats up it continually heats 4 Degrees more so as the pool warms it keeps getting warmer. We only get about 6-8 weeks of good pool weather as we are 50 Degrees N latitude. I run it about 5-6 hours a day. The temperature is consistent throughout the entire pool. The heat in our neck of the woods has topped out at about 82-84 degrees F. It is a good supplement heat when used with a Solar Cover. I’m happy with the results and may add another panel for an additional 4 degree rise in temp.



darockk says:

pretty cool, but you have to buy an expensive water pump. why not utilise the pool's existing filter pump instead?

Kashif Javed says:

what if I input 10C water constantly? what temperature I will get on the other end if air temperature is 10C?

Michael Bester says:

Nice Vid, May't. Good job – well done :). Mike, from New Zealand.

Samir Bachour says:

"A second belly button…". Hahaha! Thanks for the video. 🙂

Steven Cloutier says:

How do you fix it on the pool, I mean the pvc not falling on the ground when people are in the pool ?

Allen Hess says:

Love the Canadian accent. Also simple and straightforward explanation.

Fiore Follo says:

Thanks for the video and useful tips! Just wanted to confirm, didi you use a 4'x4' sheet of plywood for the 200' of 1/2" pvc pipe?

Baby Bunch says:

So the small pump that comes with it has no issue pushing it through all the hose??

Bunky’s Workshop says:

Can you tap into the return side of your filter and a valve to slow water flow down. No need for another pump.?

kkarllwt says:

That collector is adding , at most, 3000 BTU an hour  ( 15,000/day ) to the pool. take the gallons of water in the pool , multiply by 8 lbs./gal. to get the weight of water in the pool . Then divide by 15,000 for a sunny day temp. addition from the collector. A 2,000 gallon pool would get about 1/2 degree a day temp rise.

Alice Mastroeni says:

Thank you for this! I have just set up our Bestway above-ground pool. It looks similar to yours but the next size down I think. I have just bought a solar pool cover to use in conjunction with the DIY solar pool heater you have created in this vid. I have been searching these sort of videos on youtube the last couple of days and some of them have been confusing, but I found yours very clear and easy to understand so cheers! Now, onto Bunnings (our big hardware chainstore here in Perth, Australia) to gather bits! Thank you!

tsentry says:

Thanks for sharing. Can you give us a model number of the 1/50th hp Dayton Pump?

agchome says:

That looks like a great design. Could you stand the panel vertically against a fence to save on yard space?

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