DIY Solar Pool Heater Performance Calculations

DIY Solar Pool Heater Performance Calculations

A performance analysis of common DIY solar pool heaters compared to commercially available rooftop designs. For video on how to build (better than this quick build) go to the article. This video focuses on test results.

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Robb S. says:

I built a 400' solar heater for my pool, almost exactly the way in the video but in Az on a 78° day without the water flowing the hose melted and leaked everywhere, two different times. You must have the pump constantly running during the day but that's not 100% accurate because it can get to 115° plus here and when it gets that hot, the solar heater will not be running. So then what do I do? My next option is to remove the acrylic or drill holes in it to release excess heat.. Defeats the purpose kind of.

Sunshine Gardens says:

Can you combine the two systems to reduce your electric load? Is there a sensor on the tankless water heater to automatically lower when the heat is too high?

m c says:

jesus christ. BTU. gallons, foot, what planet do you live?? useless info for this world. Sooo 1800

Nelson Miller says:

What's the temperature of the water before and after from the tube?

breeze catcher says:

Why not use glass instead of acrylic?

Shanna Heckler says:

Go to Avasva eco blog and learn how to do it.

Shantel Bollmann says:

I know you have solution for that on inplix website. just google 'inplix' and click the PIG :)))

Artem Lebedev says:

If you don't know how to make it by yourself , just go to InpliX website.

JOE peeer says:

Example –
Windmill poll is fitted with simple passive evacuated tube.
solar energy raises water for free to top ,
water is dropped engaging with a generator,
and the cycle continues …
so the wind mills has a generator for wind,and one more generator at the bottom,
to capture the hydro thermo siphon.
The mill would produce a lot more overall, during the day.
on a smaller scale we could provide a working attachment to an
existing solar water heater system.
Inserting the right generator at the right spot.
letting the system pump the water / weight energy all day ,
still maintaining the solar water heater intended use .
Small devices could be made to electrify
gravity sourced generators , lights ,phones…
City water towers , already designed to hold a body of water.
could also be used to raise water and drop it ,all day.
Parking lots street lights, don’t need to sit idle all day.
We could do proof of concept , calculate loads
they even got top of pipe fittings that increase down fall
lucid energy makes inline hydro generators …
we could integrate some fuel cell tech …
every high rise , when it rains is a storm drain hydroplant.
all is here we just got put it together …
we could ,any suggestions ?
best wishs ,jp

André Fierens says:

Extraorginary Water Heater: this is a Portable Solar Module ( Foldable )

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