DIY Solar Pool Heater – Part 1

DIY Solar Pool Heater – Part 1

Building a 4×4 DIY Passive Solar Pool Heater for our 21-foot above ground pool. Started the project in February 2018, when we had a couple of unusual warm days. Will complete the project once the weather warms up. Thanks for watching!

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JT Casari says:

I'm building this same thing but wonder when you put the foil insulation down did you only use 1 layer or 2 going opposite directions to go up and over the 2×4 sides?

Dean Woodward says:

I'm in the process of making a pool heater I'm hoping it to be far more efficient and cheaper. Great work by the way

Mathieu Landry says:


Do you have a link to buy your thermometer? BBQ one aren't going low enough so I putted a mercury one and it went too high and exploded. LOL

I can't find anything in between.

Mathieu Landry says:

How many feet of 1/2" tube did you end up using for a 4×4?

Shavin McCrotch says:

I made one of these in Michigan. Sometimes my pool was too hot! These suckers really work! It was the 18ft diameter Intex, but I’m sure it will work nicely on a bigger pool. Make two if you have to. They’re still better than most solar heaters you can buy, and if you make it well, it will last many years.

jason gates says:

Could you use 1” tubing instead of 1/2” for a bigger pool?

Gerald Velasco says:

I am doing a solar pool heater myself. Can you please tell me where in the pump plumbing do take off the water to go to my panels ? DIscharge side of pump before filter or after filter ?
And where do i reconnect back into the system ? Downstream just a tad of where I took the water from ? Appreciate your help.
Thanks, Gerry from San Diego, CA

Stefen B. says:

was just watching your little green house and pound in edging lol i will definitely invest. thank you sir!!!

Stefen B. says:

great vid i also have a 21ft above ground pool could you please tell me where to get the insulation and tubing. also how do you plan to circulate it threw. parts list would be great. like the crocs got a pair like those too!

Shantelle Adeline says:

You can find perfect idea for that on Avasva Solutions website.

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