Diy solar panels with cd free energy project

Diy solar panels with cd free energy project

Hello friends in this video im going to show you how to make solar panels at home very easy way to make solar panels

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Abcd Efgh says:

Brother patla copper bhi chalega na please reply

Abcd Efgh says:

Cholo brother aap kahte h to banate h i hope i fully work

Sinu Devara says:

hi solar pannel its really

Kalpana Tekade says:

Chutiya banane wale

Kiran Patil says:

Which diode is use

AKJK Gamers says:

Please anybody say is it works

Noop Dawggg says:

which glue do u use???

Mohamed Sariff says:

namba tape use pannalaamaa

Babuya Das says:

Ki jonno video gulo banas khisti khabi

All Rounder says:

You teached so good

P.harsha Vardhan says:

Which gum you using to stick the copper wire

Parmjeet Singh says:

How is this possible ….. This motor has 12 volt …dc

Viraj Prayag says:

Which motor u fit

Viraj Prayag says:

Not working…

Shannon Gibson says:

If you like to make your own energy you should go to Avasva

von alba says:

I think. I all most got it.

Shannon Gibson says:

I tried many projects, only with Avasva I managed to do it myself.

Black mamba says:

Fake ,fake ,no time West!!

K C Sathishan says:

I think you are in poverty

Ansari Rameez says:

I Try It And It Work Very Well Thanks To Uploader

Rajesh Priya says:

No working ……….

kharol Mariano says:

Is this made in Philippines? I just need the info for my RRL research purposes. ty 🙂

Sukhdeo Vishwakarma says:

Not working

Aria P says:

Does this really work??!!

ibrahim salag says:

no work!!!!

༆ SPARTAN࿐ KOH says:

Just 0.09 volt shiiiit

༆ SPARTAN࿐ KOH says:

I try it but never get me power

raven kai says:

Nice work. Keep it up! Subscribed ☺️

NET YuTu says:

Dada tumar bari kothai??

Nightcore Henry says:

Nicely done my friend really enjoyed watching this:)

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