DIY Pool solar 113° hot water heater

DIY Pool solar 113° hot water heater

Made for under 120.00$



Claudio D. A. Gomez says:

Lo pusieron a la sombra de las plantas. Son geniales.

Mark says:

You need a 50% surface area of the pool to heat a pool. .5C to 1.C gain at the most. The pipe should be feed by the pool pump so all the pool water will go through the solar system every day to heat it all. There are lots of DIY jobs on youtube and a lot don't do this. 1.5" pool pipe feeds the solar system to get a good flow if the solar panels feel warm when running it's not working right its losing heat to the atmosphere, not the pool.

Seco Meco says:

You live in Florida and you need hot water what the hell I say I live in Michigan 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Tiny Sanctuary says:

Mine is a little under 400 feet of PEX tubing connected to a very small 12 volt 19 watt circulating pump. It circulates from a 55 gallon barrel through my PEX tubing and then back into the barrel on a continuous loop so it just keeps building Heat. It works fantastic when it's sunny, I got easily up to 120 degrees in a couple hours… the only reason I made it was to have a 55-gallon drum of hot water to take a shower.

Tiny Sanctuary says:

BEAUTIFUL !!! Kind of like the one I made but yours is double the size mine is a little under 400 feet of PEX tubing…

Kashif Javed says:

Does this only work for pools or we can constantly feed cold water and get hot water on the other end?

smokysantana says:

Being picky, but it’s a water heater not a HOT water heater. Why would you need to heat hot water?

gk10002000 says:

boy if you covered that with plastic or glass and made it more like a green house, you would have much more heat.  But I like your scale.  I will on the east coast of florida and plan to do something similar.  I love you screened in pool and spa

Cyril Lazúr says:

How meny meters is long this tube, please?

Josh Morris says:

You inspired me to make one. I have 10,000 gallon pool and live in south florida. I used 600’ of the same pipe. Im getting 94° water out of the heater. The pool temp. Is 75°. I’m gonna let it run for a week and see what happens. What an awesome idea. For under $100 you cant beat it.

ádasd ádgcx says:

Excellent Heater>>> It instantly supplies enough hot water to fill our garden tub. The temperature control is digital, easily accessible, and LIGHTED so you can actually see it inside the closet where it is mounted. Also, the unit is flushable and cleanable which is a plus if you have hard water. I highly recommend this product.

Chandler Marino says:

Hi. I made a couple of these and I don’t know how to drain the remaining water out of the hose before I store it for the fall/winter. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Prodip Paul says:

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rronmar says:

That is a big collector, lots of surface area, lots of loss. Put insulation behind the collector, cover/seal the front with clear plastic and you will get significantly more out of it…

Nannette Battista says:

I took excellent guide from Avasva. Just google it.

Annony Mouse says:

Can you show how the water is being drawn out of pool to the solar panel?

Paul Moffat says:

The same thing can cool the pool in summer, if run during a clear night – it acts as a radiator.

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