DIY Pool Heater – $50 Solar Heater

DIY Pool Heater – $50 Solar Heater

Check out our $50 solar pool heater build we made for our super cheap $250 dollar DIY pool!

While the kids love swimming in our homemade pool, the water is a little chilly for the little ones. We set out to make a cheap and easy DIY solar pool heater that we could run off of the exiting pump. This particular design used about 400 feet of tubing and heats the water about 12 degrees through the run.

Build List
4 x 8 1/4 inch sheet – $10 (our was free scrap)
2 x 4 stud – $5 (we ripped one in half, buy a 1×2 if you don’t have a table saw
Tubing – $40 – 500 foot role (we used about 400 feet)
screws and hose connections – $5 – 10

If you’re planning on putting a plastic sheet on top, the price varies quite a bit. You could get away without that, or just a plastic wrap style.

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Check out the DIY Pool Build we built this heater for:

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