DIY "PEX COIL" Solar Water Heater! – High temps! – No crimping! – Sunsafe! – PEX Made Easy!

DIY "PEX COIL" Solar Water Heater! – High temps! – No crimping! – Sunsafe! – PEX Made Easy!

DIY Solar Thermal PEX COIL Water Heater! PEX Solar Water Heater! Easy DIY! No Soldering, Clamps, Crimp Rings, Glues, Unions, or that expensive crimping tool! in my design it’s just 2 push-to-fit “shark-bite” connectors! (located outside of collector) and because it’s all one piece of tube, the unit has no potential internal leak points. PEX is sturdy, tough and rigid. water temp rating range… 33F to 185F-200F (93°C) water! …and if temps hit or fall below 32F (0°C) it’s freeze damage resistant! it’ll freeze but doesn’t break. the connectors are made to last at least 25 years and pipe is rated 50+ years! note that PEX, if left “uncoated” can be damaged by the UV rays of the sun *but painting and/or primer coating it blocks all of those (making it sun-safe) and a great choice for DIY solar applications! a very detailed list of the parts i used is shown near the end of the video (last 40 seconds or so) if you like the video, please rate. sub and share!

*couple of notes: a PEX COIL water heater looks similar to a coiled black poly (or irrigation pipe) one, but PEX is much stronger and more durable. PEX tubing will last at least 10 times as long and handles higher temps. plus the cost difference is only minimal. 100′ of poly pipe $10.00. 100′ of PEX $28.00

lastly, with research, you’ll notice that ‘all’ non-metal pipe manufacturers will say that they recommend metal pipe over non-metal for solar units but, in my opinion, that’s just because they want to cover themselves – say for example if it was used in a large “highly insulated” commercial installation (with mirrors, metal backing, reflectors etc.). in a build like that the collector might reach over the 200F pipe rating (to 220F or something) and could the shorten the pipes lifespan to 30 years instead of 50. but for any moderately sized DIY application it should work great (even my copper pipe solar water heaters top out at 175F in the hot summer (110F – 43.33C) sun. really it’s second only to copper for toughness, strength, durability etc. and by using sharkbite connectors it makes it super easy to make



Chris Bires says:

How much heat do you lose by not using the glass sheet? I have young kids and they like to throw rocks.

Jake Sangria says:

Is it okay to use the crimps? Because those shark bites are fucking expensive.

Derrick Vermillion says:

can you add a solar powered water pump and thermostat to only pump the water after high temp has been reached?

joe GasKill says:

How pissed is he for not linning up his dow rods nice and straight after its done.

Bobby Hubbard says:

would you mind sharing your flow rate? From the video it looks like it was just a trickle… which if you leave 2gl splayed out like that for long enough certainly you can get the temps up. In order to really be effective, its need a good flow rate too imo

John De Jong says:

And what do you do if you don't need the hot water. And if you would let ito cirulate the heated water? Do you need an expencion vessel?

Lawrence Miller says:

Fabulous and with some NASA insulation behind even better. For my swimming pool in spain I think it will work perfect in raising the temperature a few degrees. It will take a bit of experimenration to set flow rate and night settings. Any advise?

Joe Smith says:

If a person was in a cooler climate they could build an insulated box with a double pane gas fill window and a bigger coil

Jerry Stevens says:

I'm probably overlooking it but what size pipe,, 1/2" or 3/4:" ?.. and what length are you using in the panel. possibly a full 100' in length? Anyone?

Carlos Milanes says:

Why don't try with cooper ? Painting black will be must better or put down the tube a mirror.

Marco Valdivia says:

Good job. Amigo l use your idea to warmer the water on my kids little pool is Andy.!!!!

J F says:

When I buy my land, I'm going to do this, buy use a ram pump to pump water into a series of 10 of these bad boys and make myself a hot tub in the woods LOL

TheMustangStampede says:

Your stats also didnt include amount of pex used.

mark broughton says:

You need to run ur screwdriver on low speed with more torque. Try a millwaulki m18 fuel.

Pgoh Goh says:

What is length and size of pex pipes, 3/4" or 1"? Is it possible to add in an autofill circulate Storage Tank for night use and a pump to improve pressure as head loss through the small pex pipes will be very high.

David Outdoors says:

Wondering how this would work in the winter time.

hankspade says:

i know shit about this but i would put some silver foil on the back base

Rich X says:

Would a metal sheet on top of the plywood and under the pex help to increase the temperature ?

Lance Rudy says:

Very cool build!

Cole Taylor says:

How do I plumb this into my above ground pool?? Did I miss that part or is it so simple, I'm overthinking it? Does it trickle in, or unleash all the water at once? I am confused on this aspect of the heater system. Thx.

Bill Baker says:

would painting those coils black improve performance?

nileor1 says:

ive seen some solar builds they left an air space behind the collector so the heat gets to all side and a 1/8-1/4" space between, couldnt you use two layers of pipe for more volume in the space, use plain black polypipe would be cheaper, i seen them use reflective foil behind , but in this case you want a hot box, i would of had the in and out from the same side, i didnt see that you gave a hole to let out condensation to an evaporator cup like for air compressors, nice, i sent this to my bro in mt

Jered C. says:

how many gallons of hot water can you expect out of this? i have a black hose that gets super hot during the summer, about 2 gallons of water come out hot than its back to cold. is this the same? good for a small sink load of dishes or a sponge bath?

Marcos Torres says:

Really nice job and great video…..Thanks

Marcos Torres says:

does it freeze in the winter? I was thinking of using this to heat a tilapia tank that's in a green house.

Thomas F says:

Did you use all 100ft of pex in this?

Radu Blaga says:

Nice work 👍

Beetlejuice 01 says:

How do you get the water to drain out to prevent freezing?

Shed In The Shire says:

Great job Mister!! I’ve wanted to make one of these for ages – intended to use copper but I’m liking your tubing so thanks for the inspiration. Not sure how hot the northern English climate will get my water: we shall see!!

Daniella Sotomayor says:

I am looking for a way to heat up a large pool. Your tutorial is by far the easiest one to follow, thank you for that! Just one question how much water would that heat up is it effective for a large swimming pool? Or would I need a lot of those or a large one of those for it to work?

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