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Keaton Drake says:

wow i did not realize how high AA batteries go now. He had 300mAh in the solar lights but you could throw some AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries in them. Those new batteries hold 2400mAh. I'm guessing those lights would last months. Wonder what was the draw on them for an 8 hour period.

BillyNoMates1974 says:

Andy could you do an update video on the Twizy ?
I am test driving one tomorrow, any tips ?
Do the windows make much difference in reality ?
How does it cope with wind ? do you get blown about ?
Whats the acceleration up to 52mph ?

I am only asking as I do have a small commute to work but a short section is on a 60mph country road that can be busy

Gary g1fsh says:

They look quite good Andy like u say they are usualy rubish. It will b interesting to see how they work after a month or so.

Crag Mc says:

Nice looking lights, will be really interested to see if there's any water ingress over the coming months. I've bought both cheap and expensive solar garden lights over the years and they always let water in after a while. So annoying. Landfill…

Andy Lee Robinson says:

I guess the biggest measure is the size of the solar panel which doesn't usually lie – if it's tiny then it ain't gonna do much whatever they say on the tin because of physics! Then of course battery capacity and led efficiency…
A 100W led would need a rather beefier system to last all night! 🙂

Gammafunk says:

ive found with mine that upgrading the batteries to duracell 2.3ah ish batteries didnt actually help, they ran all night for the first 2 nights but then gradually died and the power from the panels wouldnt charge them… currently inop

Matt Tindall says:

Hello mate. Not related – but what camera did you use for this video?. Noticed some extra depth of field you don't always have. Cheers. Matt

5 Minute Man says:

Cool. I see latest larger wall mounted solar lights now have 18650 batteries installed. I upgraded a failed solar wall light with a new lithium battery and solar panel and the performance was much better.would have been cheaper to buy a new light but I like ripping stuff apart.

Andy Fordham says:

Nice one Andy .. interested how they perform over the year !

BillyNoMates1974 says:

interesting. they dont look like they have a CDS sensor on them so they must be using the newer chips that detect the lack of voltage from the solar cells to decide when to come on

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