Cheapest Pool Heating ☀️Hack!

Cheapest Pool Heating ☀️Hack!

Follow along for the cheapest solar pool heater you can buy.

Solar Heater Mats:
Submersible pump:
Similar Pool Thermometer:

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Von Simp says:

What did you use to connect the mat to the water hose. That is the only thing I am having a problem wirh

M A says:

what a genious…. yeah if you live in hawaii or arizona…. if no sun no heat.This is not a hack it's beginners advice.

Duane Cambre says:

Appreciate your reply. Will give this a try.

michelle v says:

Did you just say welcome back LADIES!

Duane Cambre says:

Do you run this 24 hours a day or just in the sunlight? Also whats the temp of the water coming out and how long to heat a say a 16×36 inground pool. Thanks for the help

Tamara Kennedy says:

Holiday in cambodia!!!

Joseph Smith says:

Would this work in the uk where sun is fairly rare

Nicolas Guerra says:

Great video, how did you get power to the pump? looks like it does not come with a plug, just exposed wires. Thanks

Peter Campeau says:

delta means change in not difference, subtle but important difference.

Gomey World says:

$20 = simply free

Mark Stewart says:

If the pump is only 12 v do you run it of battery ?

The Whigga’s says:

As the sun destroys everything over time. How long will one of these last before needing replacement? I’m just curious really because at that price it doesn’t matter. Thank you 😊

pnky2006 says:

Just purchased all of this how did you hook up the water hose to the mats.

platinumare says:

Rad set up, thank you for posting this.

Rishi Tomar says:

Awesome 👍

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