Cheap VS Expensive Solar Panels | 12v Touring | Project Cyan

Cheap VS Expensive Solar Panels | 12v Touring | Project Cyan

Looking after your deep cycles batteries that you spent so much money on is important to ensure a good life span, solar panels allow you to keep them constantly at full charge while your touring.
Are expensive solar panels worth it? is there anything wrong with using cheap solar panels?
In this video I test a cheap solar panel from Sunyee and a expensive panel from a local store called Itechworld. Also in this test we see if having an MPPT solar regulator is really does give your more amps over a PWM regulator.

Sunyee 100w Solar Panel

Itechworld 100w Solar Panel



Mark Weiner says:

By the end of the video I was almost laughing from watching him talk through hi smile.

Tim Kay says:

Cutting those plugs off while the panel’s in full sun. BAD IDEA. Deadly. Best to either cover up the panels while terminating plugs or do it at night time.

Sune Groennebaek says:

Hey Seek Adventure.
Someone is ripping you off….
But thanks for your content.

king cardano2.6millionada says:

Some times cheep is not allways good but in this case the more expensive panel really wasn't worth the money it pays to experiment to realy get the best for your money name brands are not always the best option you have proved that in your comparison

Jay Sanders says:

Conclusion starts at 9.40 , long winded and low editing !!!

Bruce Fiset says:

Indian people making solar panels indicate a solar panel cost a dollar a watt..

Dock Pigmon says:

1.48 difference not 1.22

Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. says:

Now we just have to find panels for $39!

Living a bucket list life T says:

I really want to know how they held up and if you saw a difference months later … please do an update

Lucas de Souza says:

You have a very nice personality. Excellent review!

Dharmendra Patel says:

Buddy Amp difference cause of two different panel. $100 is mono and $300 is poly that's why you notice the difference. Cheers

Sol Stephens says:

definately some sort of cowboy

Prince hossain says:

Ur content is really good bro

Rick L says:

The $99.00 panel was a 8×4 = 32 cell. The 300.00 was a 9×4=36 cell panel. I think you should have your battery well below 91% when testing the charge rates of panels. You should return the 300.00 panel. Just saying. Lol

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