Can 400W Solar Panel Run 120V Power Tools? Find out!

Can 400W Solar Panel Run 120V Power Tools? Find out!

LG monocrystalline 400W/45V solar panel module powers 120V AC universal motor power tools, small appliances, and resistive loads using an inexpensive DC-DC step up boost converter, instead of a pricey inverter or multiple panels(array). A fun experiment. Enjoy the video!

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electronicsNmore says:

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Geert Schuring says:

Are you feeding those AC tools with DC without problems?? Or am I missing something?

NoSunBeach says:

great deal! Question I have single 12v 115AH deep cycle i need to pull 12v @ ~16a from during the hottest/sunniest days in Florida. Would a single panel like this be overkill? What kind of controller would you recommend?

Monique Quinn says:

Well done, great job.

Guly Berdt says:

But for how LONG can this things be powered on in full power? Does the energy drain from the solar panel as u use this things? Do u need to wait for the solar panel to get full of energy or it sends energy out as it gets it in? Can it be used at night?

elias kassab says:

I have 12 panels of this kind what can I do and what kind of parts I need

Philipverne jules says:

…….so at 400watts that panel must be 20% efficiency. The efficiency is amazing these days .

MyKey says:

Can it run a fridge?

Roy Brown says:

Most the items you tested are actually ac voltages.

Eyex says:

You can also run your room on solar here is my tutorial:

mohamed sheikh says:

Thanks for this very useful info . Can this PV take the load direct from pure sine wave inverter with out MPPT charge controller and battery. ( PV to inverter and a small A/C 120 VAC /5 amps .I ran one with a battery but not sure about the nrush current at start

hayrullah Ustam says:

My mega lige takip et

db1tau75 says:

Can you put two of the boosters in series to get 240V DC? Can you combine them in parallel to get higher current/load? Of course assuming you run it from a 12/24V battery, I know you can do that with solarpanels or more batteries even without the inverter.

Rolito Tingzon says:

,27 what about black dots anomalies i see in between cross of the white lines on the you see them

Tails Furse says:

Hey there! Wonderful video! Curious, what is the No Load current draw on that converter there? The DC to DC one. Something like that to power just lights would be really nice! Instead of trying to find 12v variants, or using a standard AC inverter that takes 200mA to 700mA just to have running!

Robert Douville says:

You are cool!

alan headrick says:

I think these motors have brushes, try a fan that has and induction motor and see if it works.
I think 2 panels that would give you 80VDC would work find with out needing the converter or an inverter.

John Griffin says:

Hey Marine where did you find that LG 400W panel?

George Rosas says:

You forgot to add that it can only be used on universal motors…you cannot use a straight AC panels produce DC, if a tool only uses AC it wont work, you will still need the conversion, no matter how many volts you step it up..

Lok Tom says:

Wow !
Nice !
Are you planning to sell your system soon ?

TopFinder says:

Great video! Very informative.

Here is another great post about solar power

Dave's Daily Struggle says:

Great content. Would this be possible with a mini fridge or window A/C unit?

DJ Ash says:

You didn’t test the most important thing when off grid “Netflix” and chill

Jacinto Duarte says:

Really?… I think it is fake. The DC volts indicated by the right multimeter always shows the Voc of the panel. Mmmmmmmm!! When there is a load connected to the panels, the voltage must be down.

Bacilia Lopez says:

Thanks MS Electronic I'm living on SEATTLE WA $400 Bill for electric
I like your video

djbare9 says:

Motors will be inductive loads which means they have reactance impedance on AC, when calculating RMS they will draw less current than the DC equivalent voltage.

R K says:

Can i use this to charge my cordlesstool batteries?

Edilberto Duarte says:

I didn't know it was possible to run ac tools using dc power.

Kevin Coop says:

Why did the picture say "No inverter!"?

Dig says:

Great vid, thanks.

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