Build Your First Solar Power System! Beginner Tutorial Easily Explained, Budget Friendly

Build Your First Solar Power System! Beginner Tutorial Easily Explained, Budget Friendly

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C P says:

Dumb ass could have just hooked the positive up first and not gotten the spark!

Phill Huddleston says:

Just out of curiosity when you connect batteries on vehicles you always connect the positive first then the negative but you showed to do the opposite on this is there a reason for that?

Virginia Wolf says:

Very Good. Thank You. You are helping me learn things. Thumbs up!!!

MrDmartinezjr says:

👍I’ve watched quite a few of these types of videos. This has been the one I like the most. Thank you so much for the information delivered in this video!👍

5ive42 says:

Hello will a temp sensor fit into that exact charge controller ? And if so how will it indicate that the battery is overheating if there is no screen? Your answer is really appreciated

Awais A. Agha says:

I would like to run my pool motors (two 1HP) with Solar Panels, how do i calculate how many solar panels i would need or how much power needed to run them during the day time (8 +Hrs)

BrooklynnPink says:

Not a very good BEGINNER tutorial when you're not even explaining what a charge controller is or basic component/theory

Kevin Cunningham says:

Dude, you should always hook the positive first.

Christian Pedersen says:

How many Wh would you get from that battery? Could you add more batteries for extended runtime?

Claudio Russo says:

If you have a solar power system set up and ready to use, and for whatever reason, you are not going to use any power out of the batteries for some time, days, weeks or months, will be there any problems or damages to the system (for example battery overcharge, idk) or will it be just fine. Thank you and Happy Easter.

Claudio Russo says:

Compliments!! Very well explained. Even I that am Italian understood the basics of a solar power sistem. Explaining (more or less) complicated subjects in a simple and comprehensible way makes the difference between regular people and smart ones!

Kyyydo miyasato says:

Can you do the Renogy 300w solar panel

James Canada says:

Should I still get the 40amp fuse between battery and charge controller if I'm using LiFePO4 battery with the Rover 40 MPPT option? Is it even necessary or do I even need a bigger fuse possibly?

James Canada says:

It appears they may have removed the Lithium compatibility from that controller. Hard to tell because some pics on there show the Lithium option and some don't.

Cool Dynamix says:

Thanks for the great explanations.

Igor Prado says:

Great video mate. Cheers

Erik Young says:

very clear description

chamscos says:

Nice videos you do on youtube. Please I want to find out the name of the material used to cover the BACK of the solar panel. I know the Front is Tempered glass but not sure about the back. People use wood, plastic sheet & more more but want to know what material is used. I will be grateful if you have a link to the website to this material. Thank u. Awaiting ur reply

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