Breaking Down Solar Panels

Breaking Down Solar Panels

Solar is one of the fast growing energy sources in the world and photovoltaic cells are the key to collecting and converting that power. But — how does it work? And how much has this technology evolved in the last century since its inception? Full playlist:



Seeker says:

Light Speed: Powered by the Sun – a new 8-part series exploring solar energy: from how it is created by the sun, how technology converts it into a usable power source, and what the future of solar-powered vehicles could look like.

Galo Aguirre says:

the shade from solar farms could help protect crops from overheating, no?

Jocelyn Joseph says:

Solar power using photovoltaic cell panels for domestic use will help decrease power transmission line need.

Tristan Wegner says:

I thought this video would explain how to break down solar panels and recycle them and to learn how much that impacts the environment

Mariano Alippi says:

I love the change with Biden of politics with science, I think that Seeker is the best media to promote it, a place where the Clean Tech entrepreneurs can make themselves known.

Bernhard says:

Saying "A solar cell produces 100W in 1 hour" is not correct. It would have to say: "A solar cell produces 100W FOR 1h" because Watts are not Work but Power.

landon Ferguson says:

Stop with the climate change BS

Bill Rupert says:

One small correction, the explanation of watt hours was not exactly correct. A watt is not an amount of power, but an amount of power produced in one second. So a watt-hour does not mean that one watt is produced in an hour, but rather that one watt is produced for a hour long.

Hassaan Maqsood says:

Multi-Junctions PVCs (III-V) are upto 30% and are expected to go upto 70% efficiency.

d williams says:


robin wang says:

Does solar cells loose effectiveness over time?

Kody O'Neill says:

Too bad the accord doesn’t stop China from being the biggest polluter of the world

Sec Confi says:

You should not say negatively or positively charged. They are neutral actually.

Let's do it M.B says:

Super seeker looking for more of these kinds of playlists

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