Bifacial Solar Panels from Signature Solar

Bifacial Solar Panels from Signature Solar

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DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse says:

Price does not include shipping. Same goes with santan solar and other large solar panel distributors. Shipping charge applies for a pallet of panels. So fill it up. Buying one would make these far too expensive. Which is usually the case.

John Siefkas says:

I watch your videos all the time, I've learned a lot. But have a question about charging your second battery in a van using my alternator. Do you have any videos of that process???

Wild Hurst Manor says:

Harvey Dent would LOVE these ❤️

OnTheLake says:

They also have a USA made Bifacial panel that is 380/ 480 watts UL listed 25 year warranty HELIENE .

Johnny Lightning says:

Since many RVs have white roofs I think these may be good for them due to the limited real estate for mounting. I will be interesting to see how far off of the roof you need to mount them.

Vincent Wilkes says:

So I'd save $1.56/day…

Mr Tyler Ray says:

270W panels for $30 ($42 with shipping)….. Got acres so aren't so concerned with performance lol

William Steele says:

Is there anyone that sells these panels individually? They seem to be sold in batches of ten…

john mirbach says:


Jimdandy1958 says:

So…. what if you set one up with optic fibers around the perimeter directing light to shine on a white surface or mirror behind the panel?…. hmm…. or.. stand it on edge north and south and lay mirrors on the ground east and west of it… catch the sun coming and going…. i want one to play with!

Robert Walsh says:

Put alumanized backer board on the roof below and space the solar panels several inches above

RV Sparky says:

Maybe when running the numbers calculate the power generated per sq ft. That would make some to understand. Obviously that panel setup produces more per sq ft than traditional panels. And also cost per watt numbers.

YouSurf says:

wait till they come out with the four layer front layer, each layer reacting to a different wavelength band to max the power output even much more!!! So….Maybe then buy some old Vegas neon lights and crank em up at night!!!

Will Wonder says:

These panels are VERY exciting Will. Keep up the research on them please. bill in Florida

Jacob Paulson says:

Start mining and claim it as a coin made from green energy.


i bought some cheap little solar pannels for a project, that are clear plastic, and i realized i can stack two of them, and get about 75% power from the bottom panel…………… just incase any one can find a good use for it in their own projects.

thunderstrike66 says:

$209.99 a piece

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