Best Solar Panels for 2021

Best Solar Panels for 2021

Solar Surge will teach you all about being energy independent and how to set up your home to run off-the-grid during an emergency. We empower families to take control of their energy generation and storage so that they will never be left in the dark without electricity.

In this video, Joe presents a comparison of his Top 5 solar panels for 2021:

  1. SunPower Maxeon G5
  2. LG Neon R Prime
  3. REC Alpha
  4. Q-cells Q.Peak Duo G6+
  5. SilFab SLA-M

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  1. SunPower Maxeon G5:

  2. LG Neon R Prime:

  3. REC Alpha:

  4. Q-cells Q.Peak Duo G6:

  5. SilFab SIL-NL:



jorge m says:

hey Joe
good job on the presentation but could you find out from the manufacturers what % conversion rate are the cells them self not the panel size or the output. my guess is LG panel is the most efficient cell.

Making them the best for money and space .

iKingRPG says:

For us DIY people, where's a good place to get these panels for a good price?

Karl Kuchma says:

SUGGESTION: Stop wearing horizontal, narrow striped shirts. Super distracting when filmed.

ivyshy98 says:

you mentioned the lower end is about .50/watt but what is sunpower at? double? triple? I know it's not an apples to apples comparison since there's an integrated micro-inverter, but just wanted to get an idea on a relative scale. I looked around and saw enphase micro-inverters at about $150 each, or about .40-.45/watt. does that sound right if you strip out the micro-inverter cost to get a apples to apples comparison on just the sunpower panel?

Dustin Merkley says:

I always love your video. I have been in the solar industry since 2008. I often find myself sharing your videos to customers who have questions about different products in the market.

I think you should have used the LG395 Neon R Prime not the 380 black. If your going to compare it again a Sun Power panel with a White back sheet the you might want to compare against the latest similar panel from LG.

Beside that, another great video! 👍

David Lee Louthan says:

Excellent info! Definitely something to consider here. Thanks and cheers!

Ray Johnson says:

for a data crunch of the neon r(non prime)380 watt vs sunpower 415 watt the numbers are almost all in sunpowers favour in all the right areas 1. area usage to wattage lg 1727200mm2 380w = 4545.23mm2/watt

vs sun 1866195mm2 415w = 4496.85mm2/watt or 48.37mm2/watt diff or 1.06%.
but also in
2. Power Temp Coef.(Pmax) −0.29% /°C(sun) vs -0.30 %/°C(Lg)
3. Voltage Temp Coef.(Voc) −0.239% /°C(sun) vs -0.24 %/°C(Lg)
for those that need to know why these numbers count, just remember temp changes how much power you can make

john howard says:

Dose silfab have a serviceing dealer in Mid Tenn ?

therealsparkman says:

Wow! I just learned a whole lot more about solar panels in the last dozen minutes from your informative video. Thanks for that! Still a lot of debate over monocrystalline vs. polycrystalline and how much power each creates efficiently versus cost. Since I know very little about this technology, but I'm always inquisitive about it, it can be confusing. I have these cheap-ass little amorphous solar panels (7W) for trickle charging and maintaining my 12 volt trailer batteries. It is my understanding that this composition for panels produce power at very low light levels. If this is the case, do the others produce sufficient output power at low light levels? And if not, why wouldn't manufacturers look at creating larger amorphous panels which would cost less? Thanks for the great video. Cheers!!
One last thing that I forgot to touch upon. Warranties. Twenty to twenty-five years is a long time, and the chances that you or I or the company will actually be around to honour that warranty is highly unlikely. I always take manufacturer warranties with a grain of salt. If you have ever had to deal with trying to argue a warrantee with a company, you would understand that there are always hidden caveats. JMO.

Donald Lee says:

“If I know where to buy”??? I’m watching so you can tell me where to buy.

WAVETUBE84 says:

SOLD! If I need additional installation I'm calling this man! We just had a ~7KW system installed, by Solar Edge, but there's room for another 20KW.

Rod MacPherson says:

Have you any experience with the Qcell 425w. L-G8,?

Mr. Google87 says:

LG Neon Prime ain’t full black, they are purple AF with color difference.

Tom Mac——— says:

Love this review!

Smedley Butler says:

Would love to see a review of solar pod z series "no hole" panel roof mounts

Smedley Butler says:

Love your channel, does Sol Ark nullify needing micro inverters or is it better to get micro inverter solar panels with a different system than Sol ark?

Smedley Butler says:

Best value should be the question

jason dalton says:

also, your shirt gave me a seizure..j/k

jason dalton says:

LG will stand behind their warranty… Sunpower is rearranging their company…I would avoid…

Mr. Quindazzi says:

Great video, but pretty disappointed Crazy Eddie's Discount Super Cells didn't make it.

Theo Rosenberg says:

Hi Joe, where would you place the Longi 350s? They seem like they'd be on par with the SIL-330s at least on a price per watt basis

gilbrook says:

Timely. Currently considering Tesla Solar w/Powerwall. At this time Tesla provides QCell panel exclusively. Glad QCell in your top 5 list! From your presentation, if I were purchasing outside of Tesla I would get the REC. The REC is highly recommended in Australia.

Hubert Daugherty says:

Thanks for this overview. Very helpful.

Adam McCoy says:

Good morning!! I have one question for you. What happened to the review on the REC Alpha series 450 watt solar panels?? They are large in size and produce more watts then your 360 watts you mentioned.

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