BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS? | IC iClover Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LED Review

BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS? | IC iClover Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LED Review

BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS? | IC iClover Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LED Review:
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Hey Dads,

I have been looking for LED solar flood lights to put around the outside of my house as a security light, IC iClover reached out to me and they sent me some of their LED solar lights for outdoor use. This is my review video of these outdoor solar led lights.

In this video I test it’s IP65 waterproof rating, and it held up to the test. It has also been raining and very humid at my house, and that has not affected the performance of this solar LED outdoor light. I am really pleased with the product that Litom has sent.

I have installed and been playing around with these lights, and they are working great. I have one over my carport/garage as a security light, and every time the motion sensor senses motion, it comes on and I have not had any problems with it.

What kind of outdoor lighting do you have on your house? Let me know in the comments below!

This is my authentic, unedited review of IC iClover Solar Outdoor Security Lights with motion sensor. If you like my review videos, consider subscribing, and let me know in the comments what you want this dad to review next.

Dad Out!

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jcmpli says:

Don't buy total waste I bot 8 lights all of them stooped working

Tommy713 says:

I like the review and just bought one after watching your video. Thanks!

Ivuš Lisoňová says:

This light is surprisingly bright for how small it is and so far it charges admirably. My back yard is very dark so I got it to discourage skunks and to discourage my dogs from barking at night. It lights up as soon as they come near it and illuminates the whole (small) back area.

Alberto Michelatti says:

May I ask what are the dimensions of the 3M double sided tape? Thank you in advance.

Vic Sama says:

Hey how do I set it up for it to turn on when sun goes down and of at sun up

Lucas says:

What he fail to mention is that it doesn't last the night. Thow lights are good up to 10 hours, and if your night time is less then that, then it should work. I bought these, and I have to turn them on manually every night. Not happy with it.

Alcides Martinez says:

Great video.
Thanks for sharing.
New subscriber here

S. Slice says:

Great review im in the u.k so home defence and owning weapons is illegal so anything to deter the scum helps ……liked you channel

BigBlueEyes 70sBird says:

I have 8 of these in my large woodland garden.i use the on all time and brighter on motion .they illuminate dark areas no extra cost ,no wires.i love em

T W says:

Hey, thanks for the heads up. Going to get the two pack!

king113 says:

SECURITY LIGHTS?! ….. go buy a gun dude

Pablo says:

I just purchased 2 of them (The same model 270°) for 26 bucks on Ebay! 😁 I will give you guys more updates once they arrive.

David clark Mccall says:


Danny Danny says:

No more creepers at the Fournerat Residence!😂

KathehFit says:

I hope your neighbors do t think your crazy haha. Is it like day light?

ImTheDaveman says:

Yeah buddy! Looks like a bargain! Do you know if the lights are still operational all night long after a full day of charging? I have some cheap smaller ones from the Dollar General store that work fairly good for 5 bux. They aren't great but are worth the cheap price. I have like 6 of em. Sometimes a couple of them won't work – then the next night they work just fine – lol. And sometimes won't go all night long., other times they will. On average when they work right, the last around 8 hours on a full sunny day charge.

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