Best Solar Lights For the Garden – Innogear 450 Lumens 2pk

Best Solar Lights For the Garden – Innogear 450 Lumens 2pk

Innogear 24 LED Solar Lights 2pk:

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My favorite small portable solar charger:

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ThruNite 1050 Lumens TN12 Flashlight

Drip Irrigation Parts
The 2 GPH emitters:
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Making Your Own Grow Bags (Tools & Supplies)
Dewitt 12 Year Weed Barrier:
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Brother JX2517 Sewing Machine:

Blowout plug for winterizing your drip system and garden hoses:

Blossom Bags to prevent cross pollination

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tweidner1968 says:

The link you posted is for a set of 4. Innogear also has a bigger light they sell in a set of 2. Is the link you posted the correct link for those particular lights you're using?

Dad.0 says:

Loved it, keep them coming!
Great video, I love your channel!
Spot on!

Patty Miller says:

The link didn’t work for the lights…can you repost it?

Paul Petrozza says:

Thank You Very Much!!!!!

Matt West says:

I've been considering lights just like these for a while now. Thanks for posting this.

Amber Sykora says:

Finally someone created a bad as solar version. Thanks for the heads up. I hate the expensive shitty solar lights

NoName NoName says:

If you install your bracket vertically instead of horizontally, it will not only be a stronger mount but you can build the entire assembly first and then install it.

green rushrelief says:

Please I subscribed and would love to help you out by buying them from Amazon. I would love to see the pictures off your cameras, if you can catch Sasquatch.

Henry says:

Are you installing these lights to help deter the deer?

oddo pops says:

Nice video, Are those screws stainless?

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