Best DIY Solar Pool Heater – under $25

Best DIY Solar Pool Heater – under $25

Inexpensive and easy to make Solar Pool-Heater.

DIY Solar Thermal IRRIGATION Tube Water Heater! Solar Water Heater! Easy DIY! No Soldering, Clamps, Crimp Rings, Glues, Unions, or that expensive crimping tool!

In my DIY solar pool heater, I have used inexpensive material. It can be made in just few hours. It works great and can raise water temp up to 30°, depending on the weather, sunlight and water flow. I have used ball-valve to control the water flow, and planning to add at least one more heater for my 1000-gallon pool for better efficiency and to use the pool more into the fall season. I purchased 500ft DIG irrigation tube for only $40 and only used 120 ft for one heater.

List of material used:

1) DIG Irrigation tube (purchased 500ft for ~$40 from Home Depot but used only 120ft)
2) Plywood 4×4 piece
3) 2x1x8 lumber
4) 2x2x8 lumber(2pc)
5) Water hose connectors
6) Black paint
7) Screws

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hermogino says:

I'm going to make this heater this weekend. How's yours after a few months?

hermogino says:

Great video. I like how you put the materials you used.

Norbert Greiwe says:

Love people measuring water with infrared. 🤭

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