Aussie DIY Solar Pool Heater

Aussie DIY Solar Pool Heater

My experimental solar pool heater setup.

Ozito Salt Water Bilge Pump
6 x 25m x 19mm black poly tube
1 x 19mm tap
5 x 19mm inline connectors



Damaris Spata says:

Great video, although what results are you getting? How warm is your pool actually getting? I’m thinking of doing the same set up myself and I live in Queensland

John Douglas says:

I tried a bilge pump from aliexpress, it last 30 days before it leaked and shit it's self :/
have not yet found a magnetically driven 12v/24v pump. boo
I did however get a 6.35KW solar system installed on the roof to deal with the power bill, which has worked out VERY nicely.

Russell Marsh says:

Awesome, thanks for sharing

Chris Nicholls says:

Get a small 12v battery and a charge controller, it will work much better. A a raspberry pi to control it.

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