ARE ALL SOLAR PANELS BUILT THE SAME? You won't believe the differences between some panels!

ARE ALL SOLAR PANELS BUILT THE SAME? You won't believe the differences between some panels!

250W Solar Blanket with Legs:
25A DC Charger with MPPT Solar Regulator:
138Ah Camping Battery Pack:

Ever looked at the marketing jargon behind solar panels and wondered what it all meant?

Trying to figure out which solar panel will be right for your setup?

Don’t sweat it – you’re not alone. Solar can be incredibly confusing!

Join our resident solar guru Cahn as he cuts through the confusion and presents the cold, hard facts – that not all solar panels are made the same, and that some are better than others.

Must-watch for anyone buying a solar panel!

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applejacks971 says:

“Australia has the highest solar irradiation on average on earth. That means we get the most sunlight per square meter"
California and Florida have left the chat

Wex lop says:

Nice! So when are you guys going to make a high voltage version of that 250W? Cable runs are easily able to get to 30M or more, once over 15M thick cabeling is just too big & heavy to carry & unroll,, so at 60-80V that means MUCH less. Please make high voltage!!!!

Wes Hunter says:

I used to install panels as an apprentice electrician probably did 1000 or so. And I can tell you that the quality of panels out there varies enormously….. The best install we had was with high-quality REC panels, and must have been installed at the perfect angle as the customer rang up and said his system fired up and ran at night on a full moon!!!
This is excellent info for the average consumer. Cheers.

webunderconstruction says:

Very informative, great vid 👍

Gamer Bwako says:

what if they were hit by a lightning?

dougalass1111 says:

Awesome info mate.

INFO PLUS Channel says:

very good information and good video as well. thx u.

Kim Scott says:

I'm looking to buy a 200 – 250W solar blanket, I see that on eBay many blankets of around the same Watts as yours from various sellers claiming to be A grade but are much cheaper. What should I look for as I am keen on your 200W blanket but is $50 – $100 dearer than these other blankets.

yvon lapalme says:

Hi there, you mention the three types efficiency of panels 10/20/26% in perfect conditions. What about in actual use in the field? Cheers…..Yvon.

jiang solar says:

Amorphous panels are not popular beacause price


Have few questions? Is there such thing as mini solar panels that do same Job as a big one would? I looking to charge my trike battery when out and about when needed- I am looking at 750 watt motor hub and 36v 14ah battery- Not sure how I would charge the cell batteries so if can explain that as well because the lithium is just 1 battery verses 3- What wattage solar panel would need for that wattage type battery and motor and what connectors would attach the solar panel directly into the battery and by- pass using an inverter with out blowing motor? Would like connectors that would be versatile for both the trike motor and the solar panel when need- TY ! Oh and if know of a place where to get what I need appreciate the info as well-

Frater Mus says:

> You won't believe the differences between some panels!

"without all the hype"

luke 90series says:

Can you use 2 different types at the same time to charge your battery like have fixed flexi solar panel and then a portable solar blanket?

Vinayak Pai says:

Beautifully explained.. gonna buy it soon..

Ezekiel Chery says:

I have a a 24 volt solar panel that has a open circuit of 60 volts is that normal?

pam marinucci says:

If you mount the Kings 160 watt solar panel, between the canopy and attached to under the roof racks (not on top), how many watts of power do I lose by the roof rack bars going across the panel? No one has been able to answer this for me.

Ann Bush says:

Is there any hints on securing the portable blanket to something so it will not be stolen while out hiking.

Tootsie says:

Thanx, I needed to see this, can't remember if you touched on the light factor but will they charge if NO sun and it's cloudy all the day long ?

Cutting Edge Power says:

Wow it's amazing ! I loved all solar panels you showed. There is one different for each need. My favorite one is the Monocrystalline for its perform. Amorphous panels are not popular but I consider they are a good option. I like the different mount systems you have.

dirk folmer says:

I need 12 small panels for my set up.

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