Amazing Solar Gadget in Mexico. #solar Lighting # mobile lighting

Amazing Solar Gadget in Mexico.  #solar Lighting # mobile lighting

This is great for not disturbing a #sleeping roommate. Take a look at what is a very handy, fun and eco friendly gadget that I recommend for tiny home or rural living in Mexico. You can order it on Amazon here:

2 Pack Outdoor Solar LED Bulb – Flyhoom SolarLightBulb 002 Portable Solar Lamp for Camping, Hiking, Emergency, Hurricanes, Power Outage, Water Resistant, White

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LC Williams says:

Oh Cindy please take us to the fish market in a video! I would nothing but fresh fish and beans…. but I bet its really expensive.

CAJUN Jamis says:

Thank you for your thoughts, Cindy! God Bless you! Cajun

magnificentcreator says:

Great video, would love to see video of you buying fish from the fishermen, how often do they come to shore to sell their catch, and how much are some of the fish, shrimps, crabs per kilo, so exciting 🙂

arduino hobbyist says:

Cindy, Good system you have there. Solar is awesome technology.

Global Adventurer says:

You guys are so efficient! One thing for sure you're certainly prepared for emergencies. Water, coffee and illumination👍. Most important things, oh and some snacks 😁

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