8 Amazing Solar Inventions You Must See – New Tech 2017

8 Amazing Solar Inventions You Must See – New Tech 2017

8 Amazing Solar Inventions You Must See – New Tech 2017

Inventions List:

Solar Tree https://www.xd-design.com/bobby
SION Solar car https://www.sonomotors.com/
Caia Solar Robot http://solenica.com/
Lifepack http://lifepack.launchrock.com/
LEMON http://lemon-california.com/
SUNNY http://sunnycase.co/
RokPak http://rokpak.com/
Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap http://a.co/hWkYHlg

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Ms. Gordon says:

OMG 3:37 scared the shit out of me.lol

Shannon Amend says:

I've found great project for that on Avasva website.

billdale1 says:

You have all lifted my spirits— thank you ever so much!!


Lucy is no more than a remote flashlight, it provides no direct link to your home power systems. Far more effective would be a window-based solar collector that powers an ambient low-power light fixture requiring no grid assist. No portable solar capture device is needed.

Cyrus Hale says:

2000 m'amp, yeah that's 2 amp fool!

dagmastr says:

doesnt look earth shattering to me

Alex Murphy says:

The link for the Solar Tree takes you too the bobby backpack. wtf

meloveyoulongtime says:

the guy with the blond hair, his eyes looks scary ( lol )

Bondfanman says:

For years now I been wondering when you can buy solar roller blinds, or curtains etc to generate electricity in hot sunny countries especially when you need the shade to cool your home. How about solar panel wallpaper too?

Mabus Antichrist says:

that car is too expensive. I got my 95 firebird for $1,500 and I think ill keep it

l BR00KLYN l 318 says:

I neeeeed this car

Melon Tusk says:

Lucy is great in winter

Sweet Desire says:

lucy: most stolen gadgets of 2018!

Kendel Tabosa says:

a Lot of good stuff but can i buy this tomorrow?

TR Farmer says:

Way Cool That SOLAR PANEL CAR Hmm Elon Musk What Up with this Mr. ? Loving that tree too

Darren Hanson says:

First best one on this list is the Power pack & 2nd best was the Powersync. The rest of them where just sorta same old same old because there is a bunch of other one out there just like them..

RDGZ Vlogs says:

I like the solar car but I wish they made them look stylish the design they picked is ok but usually electric cars look like crap. If they made a solar powered car that looked like a Porsche I'd buy it

LA Durant says:

It's estimated that the carbon dioxide levels was 30% higher between 5000 to 1 million years ago, and the trees, plants and animals was bigger. Very strange. Carbon Dioxide IS NOT the problem. Dangerous man-made chemicals and pharmaceuticals, GMO plants and seeds, radioactive waste, dumping garbage in the oceans and CUTTING DOWN TREES, these are the problems. IT'S NOT about Carbon Dioxide it's all about MONEY, Nikola Tesla gave us the solutions 113 years ago.

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