$50 solar pool heater

$50 solar pool heater

Memorial day is just around the corner and I am intent to have my pool to 80 degrees F if the sun cooperates. I live in Williamsburg Virginia, and it was about 80 degrees outside temperature today with full sun hitting the deck. This setup is only temporary to warm up the pool from its winter hibernation. The tube is a 6mil black food-safe polyethylene 1000 feet long. Don’t know how long it will last, and pinholes quickly formed when I kinked it during unrolling, but it was only $50. I realize now that I should probably space the coils out so the deck can see the sun and transfer heat to the individual runs instead of the grouping.



Michael Crumpton says:

I wonder how this would compare to just having a big black tarp floating in the pool?

A R says:

That is pretty smart utilizing the Sun. But you just eliminated walking space and cluttered up a beautiful deck

Steven Foster says:

You have a beautiful deck and pool bit your heating system really detracts from that. Just looks bad

JtopCats says:

You should have the warm water drain back into the bottom of the pool.

Terri Hall says:

How long did you leave running? What was the overall pool temperature in the end (not just at the exit hose). How long did it take?

bud wilson says:

Not very usable on deck that way, also a lot of kinks on hose how do you move hose without more kinks

Eddie B says:

Those leaks can be taped up but it will take awhile to circulate the entire pool to raise the temperature!

Kelton Young says:

Hello i am not that smart in this area i spent about 40 mins at Lowe's and came out more confused. What is the fitting being used on the inside of the pool that connects to the wall where the water flows from the pump to the pool and spits out

DoItYourselfDad says:

That fitting you made for the outlet it darn cleaver! I have the reverse problem now mid summer, my pool is too warm. Thinking about doing basically the same setup but running it at night to radiate off heat.

Richard Lefebvre says:

The problem with solar pool heater is………its solar!!!!!

I actually need my pool to heat up when its NOT sunny and hot outside….and no solar system will do that for you
When its sunny and warm i dont need to heat my pool ??!!?!

Peg Dimarco says:

I did something similar with Avasva solutions.

OldMysticFantasist says:

John, thank you Sooooooo much for sharing this. I just copied your idea last month to prepare for a graduation party & had my pool up to 80 Fahrenheit 2 weeks before Mem. Day which was a good month ahead of usual in my part of Ohio. (A couple very cold days & nights & a heavy cold rain just days after I removed & stowed the tubing set me back to 70, but that was just crappy timing on my part disassembling to get the deck cleared off too soon.) Still shopping for a reliable & economical longer term solution, but this was a great, inexpensive quick fix.

Robert Howell says:

John, What is"the little directional thing" to which you refer? Does it regulate the outflow so that water is directed into the hose and what is it exactly?

kenny play says:

also, i believe that solar cover instructions say that its not good to leave the cover out in sunlight because of UV breakdown.

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