5 solar powered USB chargers and accessories to take on your next camping trip

5 solar powered USB chargers and accessories to take on your next camping trip

Are you one to frequently take camping trips? Or just the type who spends days and nights out in the field? You must know full well how difficult it is to keep your gadgets charged. We’re not just talking smartphones, but pretty much everything USB-powered you have on you. Sooner or later, your devices’ batteries dry up, and so do the portable battery packs that supply backup charge. What’s an adventurer to do in such predicament? You can pick up some solar-powered equipment! With the warmth of sun rays, these gadgets are able to power your USB devices anytime, anywhere, as long as there’s light to soak in. Check out the article on PhoneArena for the rest of the selection.

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Tech Nerd says:

he is talking to the audience above my mobile screen, lol

AS7352 says:

such ad… the solar panels are gimmicks, even the "strong volt" is mediocre in its usability. just check out the real life tests on them..

Kyle Ruggles says:

When the aliens attack, we'll want these! lol. How does the Sunny case look like when closed?

Backup says:

Nobody cares if your first, okay?

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