5 Amazing Solar Powered Camping Gear on Amazon

5 Amazing Solar Powered Camping Gear on Amazon
When you’re having a wilderness adventure and you plan on camping out regardless of whether you’re alone or with friends it’s always very important to be prepared when resources are in short supply these five essential pieces of solar-powered camping gear can really come in handy as always.
If you’re looking for more info or links to buy any of the items featured in today’s video then simply check out the video description below alright let’s dive in getting things started at number five on our list we’ve got an essential piece of any camping kit the sawaki led camping lantern smokey is on a mission to build the best products for the environmentally
conscious customer and this solar-powered Lantern is no exception it offers charging both through the attached solar panel or microUSB if you want to make sure it’s got a full charge before you head out on your trip and it also features a smart protection chip that keeps your lantern from getting overcharged aside from the microUSB port for charging the lantern it also has a SB out port so that you can charge your phone or other devices from it as well this Lantern is extremely versatile and is the perfect item to bring along with you wherever you go whether it’s camping or just a little late-night reading onyour porch standing no taller than an iPhone 6 plus it can actually be folded down completely ensuring it takes up the least possible space in your backpack it offers three lighting modes high-low or an SOS blinking mode for signaling and emergency up next at number four on our list we’ve got this ultra portable solar shower from advanced elements this three gallon premium quality product features an efficient four layer design that optimizes both heat retention and performance all you have to do is fill it up and lay it out in the Sun clear side up and you’ll be enjoying a hot shower in no time it’s got a wide handle grip to ensure that transport is easy and comfortable and a simple to use on/off shower head this shower offers a lot more than simply a portable bag to
fill with water in particular it features a reflective mirror a water  temperature gauge a pocket for soap and shampoo and velcro straps to hold your washcloth extra soaps or whatever else you may need to get cleaned the fill valve is extra large and has a simple twist off cap making it easy and safe to fill up with little effort the three gallons of water it holds is generally
enough for two people to shower provided you conserve water while you’re doing it


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