4Patriots – Solar Charger – Rechargeable Battery Power Station

4Patriots – Solar Charger – Rechargeable Battery Power Station

in this video I’m going to be showcasing the 4Patriots Sidekick.

Check out 4Patriots Here: https://4patriots.com/collections/power

the Patriot power sidekick provides safe, silent, and renewable electric power period this power unit is useful in emergencies, for work and for play. it is very important to carefully read the user manual before using this product.

the Patriot power sidekick works like an oversized rechargeable battery. like any rechargeable battery, you must first add power to the battery and then you can use it to charge your electronics period when your Patriot power sidekick has run out of power, it will need to be recharged before you can use it again.

the Patriot power sidekick can power many types of devices such as lights mobile phones laptops and radios. the total number of devices that the power unit can support depends on the energy consumption of each device. Energy consumption is measured in watts. The unit can supply electric power to multiple devices that require a total of 300 watts of energy or less.

This video is sponsored by 4patriots.

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Michelle Dax says:

4Patriots solar flashlights are cheap crap made in🐲🇨🇳 China🚫. I had to call customer service and email a pic of the defective usb portion for a refund. Now, I have to send it back. The compass is unreliable, too.

Aaron Dodson, P. E. says:

How long can it keep lights on and food cold in time of emergency or can it?

rick ballard says:

Your video didn't cover the display. I received my patriot yesterday but don't understand the display It says 99 percent but the display says 58% What does that mean?

Corey Martin says:

Pretty cool power station and also wish I can get one like the allpowers 372wh one for this year holidays. Also never had one and never seen one or used one before. But if I where to get one will be choosing the allpowers 372wh one for sure too start out. But yea been stuck in the 1950s with a gas generator and been mostly been around them the most and pretty much common to see gas generators in my location. So yea pretty bored that I don't have my own power storage that I can just use in my room and not have too worry about being on the oultet all the time during high peak hours. But also the camera recorded the video where the words are backwards like kinda not read able in a way. Also even your microwave is not made that way in real life now either and I am surprise that no one as not comment about that either in your video.

Nathan Jackson says:

can you charge it while you use it?

damond cason says:

Is it made in China?

Apple User says:

Can the 40Wh solar panel used with the new Sidekick 300 be added to a chain, and or can their 100Wh panels be added to the 40Wh panel in a daisy chain?

Mason U says:

Couldn’t find it on the website? Great video Ace !!!

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