$40 Solar Outdoor Security lights for the House – Sunforce & Westinghouse

$40 Solar Outdoor Security lights for the House – Sunforce & Westinghouse

$40 Solar Outdoor Security lights for the House – Sunforce & Westinghouse

► Sunforce Solar Motion Security Light Led https://amzn.to/32MMNmr
► Westinghouse Linkable Solar LED Lights https://amzn.to/39eRMgw

=== Tools ===
► 10ft Ladder https://amzn.to/2ZGV35m
► Cordless Drill https://amzn.to/39nYcud
► Drill bits https://amzn.to/3fMbra7

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00:00 Intro
02:25 Unboxing
05:26 Installation
09:09 Lights Test
11:42 My opinion

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Bettye's Cooking Channel says:

Great video.

Ty Ty says:

Name a YouTuber that have a better car than my homie emmauel with the pimp out carolla. I’ll wait . Told you can’t name one punks

jwy says:

bro una pregunta el filtro de acmbio de aceite no necsita llave para el corolla se saca a mano?>

Mario Gomez says:

Buen trabajo Manuel nuevo en tu canal . Tu carro está brutal 👍

Alk3r0 says:

Hey Manuel. Check the manual and see how you set up the sensitivity. Also how to reset the whole system And try again that may help… Thanks

Mojtaba Soltani says:

Hey Manuel,
I'm looking to wrap my car myself it's a 2016 Ford Mustang coupe. How much would it cost to buy the gloss flip Psychedelic ?

EZ Scratcher says:

Manuel, I have the light from Costco. I like it too. I think it triggers it on when your close because you might have to high up. What do you think my friend? I like those other lights too, thanks for the video.

Andy munoz says:

Great video bro I like the lights a lot. Now I know what to get 👍👍👍

Robert Crews II says:

Thank you so much I've been looking for a good light & i trust you! Also the videos are great! I always like watching the wrap vids! Thanks!!

Siris Virus says:

I love your car bro it’s so nice 👍

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