4 Patriots 4Patriots Trying a Solar Power Cell. My experience /review

4 Patriots 4Patriots Trying a Solar Power Cell. My experience /review

This is my opinion based solely on my experience with the product. I bought the product myself, and they did not ask me to review it.



Mark McGee says:

Think a battery and a separate solar panel would be better

Jennifer H. says:

I am in the Washington DC region (not west coast like Las Vegas, California, or even FL for that matter known for sun). 4Patriot is now offering 8000 or 8100 mAh power banks I believe & id like to know from users around how many hours charging time may it take to power up? 5 hours? I mentioned being in the District of Columbia as although summers get hot, it is not know for high sun like Las Vegas etc, esp this time of year. Anyone have feedback, pls let me know, thanks! I ask bc as I am in an area not known for high sun This time of year, I would like to know ahead of time if it may take say 12-15 hours to charger a 8000 patriot power solar power bank, for instance. I am not referring to really cloudy, downcast days.

Daniel B says:

i've known these were cheap knockoff products from DHgate and alibaba from china…. not even 10,000mah…. the company is a complete fraud.

Cindy Rom says:

Well it sounds like this will NOT work in a real emergency. TY for your HONEST review.

Arthur Djahani says:

I had the same issues, to their credit they sent me two more free of charge, they kinda sorta work but a bit misleading with the while 40 hours of sunlight nonsense…I guess with 4 of them I might have one work here and there while the other three bake in the sun for a week.

Coffee is the path to victory says:

So.. difficult to keep from.. clicking out of..

MaNaMaNa FPV says:

I wouldn't be happy with 4 days either bud that is just insain, they could have at least made it charge within one day

Michael Greenwood says:

Total crap don't waste your money

Whats Going to Break Next? - DIY says:

Finally an honest review on this marketing gimmick. You cannot charge these from the sun. They are fine battery banks. Just don't expect to get any charge what so ever from the sun.

Mike Brian says:

Move to texas fool. Great sun light here 117°

DonDaily says:

This must be your first video. Practice make perfect. Keep on swimming.

Living Yes says:

I like your honesty

Scott Tashiro says:

Thanks for the honest review!
Gonna spend my money somewhere else for a better battery bank!

gus gfarcia says:

Nobody wants to look at someones face rambling on for 3 – 4 min ….. do a table top review on the device instead.
Focus on demonstrating the features & comment on the Pros & Cons …

Spencer Sharpe FPV says:

oh lith ion yea they are great but with a high discharge though i thing they have a hard time with like hi constant there more current dense i think

Scott Roberts says:

jeezus. WTF jibber-jabber is this?

Mark Belden says:

You saved my money!!

Vicente Ramos says:

Hard to Follow Brother!!!!!!

robert brittner says:


Shawna says:

@Nomadic Bike hello! Nice.

BluzGuitar Guy Fishing says:

Thanks for the realistic view on those. I use a couple of 10 watt flexible panels to keep my boat batteries topped off when not in use. Anything over 15 watts requires a regulator.

bread&coffee says:

I look forward for you next live stream. Great video.

Colorado Martini says:

Awesome power cell. It was so nice to see you on Pusa. Amazing channel my friend. Oxoxox CM

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