100 Solar Powered LED String Lights Review

100 Solar Powered LED String Lights Review

Light up any patio, garden or gazebo with these lights from Amir. The copper wire is 33 ft and has 100 lights that can be seen in any direction. They are water resistant and very durable.

1 Pack Lights: http://amzn.to/2uBq0t1
2 Pack Lights: http://amzn.to/2thsTLq

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Of course it's Sander says:

Hi there. I have a question. Does the light string still work after 2 years?

Freedchild23 says:

Do you need a battery?

Cristian Aguilar says:

You can find these on Ali express for $3 for the very same lights.

Brian Harris Drummer says:

WARNING: NOT VERY BRIGHT. Just bought these on Amazon, checked them out at night (after leaving them charging in the sun) to see how they would actually look before wasting time installing (made that mistake with a rope lighting), and the next day was sending them back. They just weren't bright enough. Not even in the ballpark. I want to downlight my retaining wall from underneath the top layer of brick that hangs out over top of the brick below it. It did NOT glow the brick below it. Only about an inch in diameter in the area of each bulb. These are pretty much just "twinkle" lights, for decoration. Look how they look at 2:33. They are absolutely not meant to light up an area. So if you want something that is bright, and will glow an area of a foot or so, these are NOT going to do that.

Emily Nazco says:

Can they work inside?

ThatOneWeirdGal says:

How long does the charge last?

Zingy Mantella says:

It's actually a pergola not gazebo. How many lumens does this produce?

Kelin Li says:

Hi Brett, We have one new smart APP controlled Christmas tree lights
We can send the samples to u

gesg daf says:

if you need it please contact us WhatsApp: 008613521274163 or follow insta: morabit2020 our products have much better quality than these

ammoush82 says:

Can the copper string and lights handle about 300 degrees of heat? I’d like to install the light around my wood fire oven chimney. Thanks

jacqueline rivera says:

How long do the lights last in the dark?

Steven Brown says:

That literally looks like garage

Do it Do it says:

This is NOT a Review. It’s a how to video. How about actually making a video so we know if this has lasted or not.

Best Solar says:

NIce Video. Please visit us for more info https://bestsolarreview.com/solar-light/solar-string-lights/

Serge P says:

Are your lights still working today?

Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!! says:

the word is gazebo. I have nooo idea what you called it. hahahaha You got it right the second time. Also, I know this is nit picking but you did not take off the platic on the solar panel. I guess it doesn't matter. On the box it tells you to. Anyway, looks good and thanks for the video.

MrRooney182 says:

what is the contact of the company? i need to make a special request

Easter Stedman says:

You can use inplix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Shanta Hsieh says:

im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to inplix website.

Laticia Cull says:

I know you have solution for that on inplix website. just google 'inplix' and click the PIG :)))

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