🌞LITOM 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor SOLAR LIGHT REVIEW 👈

🌞LITOM 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor SOLAR LIGHT REVIEW 👈

Litom 24 LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Light Review
🌞GET LITOM SOLAR LIGHTS HERE: https://amzn.to/2Objsep


This video features LITOM Original Solar Lights. These are outdoor lights with 3 optional modes and a wireless motion sensor light offering a 270 degree wide angle lighting path . They are waterproof to IP65 and are very easy to install. They can serve as security lights for your home, door, yard or any area needing extra lighting without the need for wiring.

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Felix Valenzuela says:

Cool video. I like the 2 light idea. I would think about replacing the short posts with 12' or taller posts.

Marcelo Velarde says:

Thanks.. I was doubtful about buying it , then it turns out that is crap.. Also she is very cute..

Danny Boy says:

I'm going to go and buy one because my neighbour is Jewish and I like the steal my barbecue chicken in soda in chips I like is cool thank you

chongtak says:

Very good video, thanks a lot ♥

David Yarborough says:

This is an excellent solar light. I purchased several and placed them on the corners of my home, especially when the lights go out during storms. It works well as a security light or a darkened area where electricity is not available.

Thunder says:

That's a great product.

Elena Valentino says:

Bless your heart, Miss Ervin! I just bought 3 of these and couldn’t figure out how to get the three function. Perfect timing – thank you!

Happy Family says:

wow I like your Idea my friend

B C says:

I’m subscribed just because she’s a hottie lol.

Ar Chi says:

does it need to be exposed under sunlight? I want to put it outside our house but not directly under the sun.


the leclstar is the one I have at home and its identical to this one but it has 66 leds and it senses motion so much further.  and its cheaper 2pack for $20 on amazon

KingLord says:

ALOVECO 2 in 1 Motion Sensor Solar Wall sconce check these out. If you want solor lights by wooden fence look into the flame solor lights really dress it up

Elmo Blatch says:

Excellent review. I'm going to buy this. And she's lovely.

Asif C says:

How long does it last , does anyone know??

Maximum Limit Videos says:

Guy! Dat sucken ting iz killa! Raja!

Richard Moore says:

I would say best review of this product. I like how you demonstrated all light modes in the dark. Thinking about getting some of theses. How has it been working now that it is 10/29/2019?

Sertões Drones says:

Perfect Video! I´ll buy it !

Aicx Medina says:

What's the update as of this year?

Saikohack says:

I don't like solar lights when no body is there and the light goes low and when you are near the light goes high.

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