✪ TOP 5: BEST Portable SOLAR POWER Chargers You NEED To See

✪ TOP 5: BEST Portable SOLAR POWER Chargers You NEED To See

We picked some of the most powerful, compact and convenient portable SOLAR POWER chargers for outdoor adventures and emergencies. Check our latest picks of Top 5 Awesome Portable Solar Chargers. Let us know in the comments which of these new inventions you find useful and which simply blow your mind.

These are the Amazing inventions presented in this video:

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#5 http://kalisayapower.com
#4 http://mysolartab.com
#3 http://yolkstation.com
#2 http://powerfilmsolar.com
#1 http://inergysolar.com

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Aren Au says:

These things are evolutionary! I am curious in investing.

Animuz says:

This is like a really bad infomercial.

Shantelle Adeline says:

I think you can make it with Avasva solutions.

bob tom says:

Hey!!!. Where do i get that fridge?. Is it the real thing??

Sérgio Loureiro says:

Seems a little bit out-of-date. Now you should do the comparison with more actual ones: Link Solar, Solar Camp, Anker, Blavor, SunSlice, etc.

Scott Schoen Traveling Nurse says:

I think that is a little overkill carrying a kalipak just to charge you cell phone

im cheese says:

fucking racist

Premsigar Premsigar says:


puchu says:

ok and they hike with beer and a fridge and of course I have patience to plug all the stuff in and then disassemble
think the only one useful is the solar flexible mat

Labu Bose says:

Full PDF and video guide on building a
compact solar panel system with a survival angled Vsl. Conversion rates are between
5% and 15%. Works on survival, energy, health, home, garden & many more!
please visit the link https://bit. ly/2DmJnYV

bigmac says:

2 guys on an all day picnic???

Mountain Echo says:

Lmao! Ill take that to a picnic & stay all night feom exhaustion.

Good Hoop says:

Would solar power bank Survivor a belectronic magnetic pulse attack like a EMP.

racist boy says:

lol africa got no tricity.

William Vanderpool says:

I use my solar power ammo can light weight easy to carry .

wirnikrecords says:

Where is buschnel wrap mini???

georg841984 says:

the first one is to bulky for hiking the other ones are impressive but i would not put a lithium battery in the sun. the battery should be cable connected and put in the shade

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