✪ 5 AWESOME SOLAR Gadgets & Technology You MUST SEE

✪ 5 AWESOME SOLAR Gadgets & Technology You MUST SEE

Solar energy technology is becoming more efficient and more effective while also becoming more affordable year by year. Check our latest picks of Top 5 Awesome New Solar Technology and Amazing Solar Gadgets. Let us know in the comments which of these new inventions you find useful and which simply blow your mind.

These are the Amazing inventions presented in this video:

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#5 SunnyBAG LEAF – http://sunnybag.com
#4 Solar Paper – http://yolkstation.com
#3 Spor – http://sporchargers.com
#2 SOS 20K – http://roamproof.com
#1 HELI-ON – http://infinitypv.com

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Cutting Edge Power says:

I'm don't think you're gonna be able to charge an iPhone six in 2 hours 30 minutes using a solar paper and with some shadow on your it. It means you don't need sun for getting pewer ?

Uri Sharon says:

TOP SOLAR-POWERED GADGETS FOR TRAVELERS – https://www.trvltrend.com/gadgets/top-solar-powered-gadgets-for-travelers/

Saikohack says:

I don't believe power bank with solar panel charge the internal battery because the solar panel doesn't produce enough energy to charge the internal battery.

Valerie Wolfset says:

That Helion solar paper is so cool looking. There must many future uses for this solar technology. I would love to buy this and try it out like window art with function.

Jack Rodgers, Jr. says:

That hand held thing will take a year to charge your phone using only solar…

Mike Hagarty says:

How well, would they all work, on a, cloudless, full Moon, cold, & warm?
I see them all as being pretty handy, to have!
Take care, in theSun!
Keep smiling!

Tammie Howell says:

i cant hear u over music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cbuanga Chhakchhuak says:

The true power of sun

thegreatkoua says:

Solar power is awesome but no sun no power

Eric Graham Campbell says:

I would like a solar powered coolbox for the Sommer months

Leenesh G says:

Good video. Solar is Awesome

Johnny Gee Jr says:

Don't listen to the trolls keep on developing these gadgets in the USA !!!

최정훈 says:

I know the pannels not cheap. But it is worth. We have to prepare and ready for not comportable life. That could be small start but should do now.

Brian Brinjolfs says:

dude, isnt this just one gadget though? I figured you would show more than just phone chargers, man

L M says:

#3 = fad. these guys have no idea that the total exposed area is the most important criteria for solar power. create a tiny tool like this…how long u will need to charge your phone…bleh.

GadgetsArea says:

Hey man I Love the videos keep making them u really find some awesome stuff

Donald Presley says:

gotta love the Sun

RightMostAxe says:

hey just gave u a big thumbs up and subbed can u comment on my video to so I can know u subbed thx

Devin Dantin says:

I wonder if its any good that flexible solar panel from Helios

Prayer Arena Ministries says:

On the long run its cheaper to have a solar roof that all these gadgets.

1кекк says:

most are old news to me, helios the only one thats truly inovative

Mix Fix says:

its amazing how cheap solar energy gets

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